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Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers

You want driving lessons from the best driving school. Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers uses a proprietary curriculum based on International research which is the first of its kind in Canada. We discovered the best practices from around the world and designed our programs especially for you, the Canadian driver. Our students learn to take full responsibility for their driving during their driving lessons, right from the start. This results in new drivers who are better prepared when they begin to drive solo. Our Graduated Licensing Program courses feature up-to-date curriculum developed as a result of research in the EU called the Hermes Project   which has become recognised in BC as the highest standard for training new drivers.

Coaching vs. Instructing

We call our instructors “coaches” for a good reason. There is a significant difference between simple instructing and coaching. With coaching, student drivers are expected to think for themselves. They don’t get constant instruction on when it’s safe to go, reminders to check their mirrors and so on. Our proven methods teach students to take responsibility for decision-making from an early stage. Students who learn to depend on a steady stream of instruction will not be properly prepared to make their own decisions when they drive without a co-driver watching over them. This is a critical period for new drivers – a time when crashes are most likely to happen. Our coaching methods ensure students are accustomed to making safe decisions independently when they begin to drive on their own.

Programs for all New Drivers

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers has a program for you, at a price you can afford, whatever your needs. Whether you’re interested in a full Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) course or individual Lesson Packages, we have something to help you achieve your goal of becoming a safe driver.

Our GLP programs are our most popular. Parents appreciate our focus on the young driver’s impulsivity and higher risk tolerance. We  transfer decision making and responsibility to the new driver. Students say they really enjoy the classes (way more fun and engaging than what they’re used to!) and while learning about driving, they learn important things about themselves, too.

Students like the flexibility of our lesson packages where lesson content is matched to the students experience levels so we can closely address the student’s needs. If your goal is preparation for an upcoming road test, evaluating progress or supplementing the supervised driving plan already in place, we have a lesson package that’s right for you.

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