Vehicle Purchase Program

Discount for Customers

Mercedes-Benz Canada is happy to extend exclusive discounts towards the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle to our students or their parents/spouses residing in the same residence as the student. Customers who complete the Graduated Licensing Program are eligible to receive these discounts on new vehicles.

GLP students receive a voucher at the start of their GLP course. This voucher is valid for 36 months from the date of course completion.
Driving Academy Incentives are not transferable. Limit one incentive per purchase. Driving Academy Incentives are only available on new vehicles (demonstrator and pre-owned vehicles are not eligible).
Driving Academy Incentives can be combined with any National and Retailer incentives, excluding other Corporate Sales incentives.
Incentives are subject to change based on current Corporate Sales Programs.

Discounts range between $500-$2,000 depending on model year and vehicle class. Please refer to the chart below for eligible vehicles and discount amounts.

Model Year 2020 Incentives

Vehicle Amount
Vehicle Amount
A-Class CAD $750.00
CLA CAD $750.00
CLA 45 AMG CAD $500.00
GLA CAD $750.00
C-Class CAD $750.00
C 63 / C 63S AMG CAD $500.00
E-Class CAD $1500
E 63S AMG CAD $500.00
CLS CAD $750.00
S-Class CAD $2000.00
S 63 / S 65 AMG CAD $750.00
SLC CAD $750.00
SL CAD $1500.00
SL 63 / SL 65 AMG CAD $750.00
GLB SUV CAD $500.00
GLC SUV CAD $750.00
GLC 63S AMG SUV CAD $500.00
GLC Coupe CAD $500.00
GLC SUV CAD $750.00
GLC Coupe CAD $500.00
GLC 63S AMG Coupe CAD $500.00
GLE SUV CAD $500.00
GLS CAD $0.00
GLS 63 AMG CAD $0.00