Graduated Licensing Program Courses – Kelowna

Available Packages

Package Format Duration Cost
GLP Course - Kelowna
  • One-on-One
  • Classroom
  • In Vehicle
  • Online
32 Hours CAD $1299.00
GLP+Road Test Package - Kelowna
  • One-on-One
  • Classroom
  • In Vehicle
  • Online
34 Hours CAD $1498.00

Graduated Licensing Program Courses


If you’re unfamiliar with British Columbia’s Graduated Licensing Program, you can get an overview on the ICBC website. Completing our Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) course is the most effective way to prepare for a lifetime of safe, responsible driving. Unlike traditional driver training that limits its focus on road rules and basic vehicle control, our GLP course also features an in-depth study of new- driver risk factors, individual personalities, and lifestyle variables. Furthermore, this course is designed for students to develop self-awareness of their driving abilities as they learn to continually evaluate themselves throughout their years behind the wheel.

The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers Graduated Licensing Program is a 32-hour program open to all learner drivers in the greater Vancouver area and Kelowna. Students will take the GLP course in a Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Completion of the program will reduce your “N” stage from 24 to 18 months and 2 credits towards high school graduation in British Columbia.Our ICBC-approved GLP course includes:

  • 6 classroom-based sessions (16 hours total)
  • 8 on-road driving lessons (12 hours total)
  • Online program (4 hours total)

Impulse Awareness training identifies novice drivers at risk and provides strategies to help them deal with impulsive behaviour in dangerous situations. Hazard perception training helps novice drivers improve on the visual and predictive skills to recognize dangers early, and provides specific learning outcomes to deal with hazards effectively.

Parents and co-drivers are an important part of a new driver’s training. Parents can keep track of a student’s progress by reviewing coach’s notes in a log book. Parents are also invited to ride along during in-car lessons at any time. Coaches are available by phone, text or email to answer a parent’s questions and will help ensure that the co-driver’s training is fully integrated with the rest of the program.

GLP students will also gain access to our very own ground breaking E-Learning modules and Personal Risk Assessment exercises. In order to prepare our learners for the safest possible driving experience, we insist that all our GLP students complete the e-learning and risk assessment before getting their “N”.

You can complete your package by choosing to add the Road Test service to your GLP course at the time you register. Save on the Road Test Package cost and GST*

Students who successfully complete their course within one year are entitled to a six month reduction of their “N” stage license and two credits towards secondary school graduation.

* (secondary school students only).

“Uwe is a very compassionate instructor. He really cares about his student’s learning and success. He has a lot of knowledge and is good at sharing it with his students.”**

**March 2018 Kelowna GLP Student

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