Parental Involvement Training

Parental involvement is crucial to a student’s success. It is scientifically proven that learning is improved when parents take an active approach in their child’s learning process (Hattie 2009*). This includes actively supervising driving practice to ensure that learners gain enough experience and insight before solo driving.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers actively encourages students to practice as much as possible between lessons. This package provides a trained coach for parents to explain techniques that will provide the confidence, patience and skills necessary to be a good in-car advisor in all kinds of traffic situations.

Pricing is determined depending on the needs of the student. Please contact us for further details regarding this program.

* John A.C. Hattie, Visible Learning: a synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement, Routledge, 2009 (page 68).